Direct Lobbying

Term limits, campaign reform, and a reduction in government services have changed the way businesses, trade associations, and local governments work with state government agencies and officials. We at SHJ successfully help clients achieve their advocacy goals through professional representation and a unique understanding of the legislative advocacy process. We provide lobbying efforts to shape legislation and regulations from conception through implementation. When necessary, we present testimony during committee hearings and stakeholder meetings to ensure our clients’ interests are taken into account in the development of measures impacting them.

Strategic Planning

SHJ helps clients identify their advocacy objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. We ensure that key governmental officials and their staff understand the policy and political implications underlying our clients’ goals, and when necessary, craft the message we want conveyed to the media and the public. When appropriate, we build and join coalitions of organizations that share similar objectives in order to advance our clients’ interests. To that end, thinking outside of the box is essential.

Budget Advocacy

Throughout the years SHJ has developed superior expertise when it comes to state budget matters. With over 40 years of combined experience serving as top advisors to three governors and several legislators on both sides of the aisle, our principals know how to effectively navigate the complex budget process to yield results for clients. It is often said that the annual state budget is the most important yet overlooked legislation. At SHJ, we never take our eye off of it.


Critical to success is being in the know before everyone else. We at SHJ provide comprehensive monitoring of elections and current events, as well as administrative, regulatory, and legislative actions so that clients are always abreast on the status of legislation or issues they care about. We review all bill introductions and amendments to ensure that clients understand how legislation might impact them.

Political Activity/PAC Planning

SHJ works with clients to develop a tailored plan of support for elected officials. Additionally, we provide assistance with reporting requirements under the California Political Reform Act and by the Fair Political Practices Commission.